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CaptainExplosion said:
V-r0cK said:
That'd be interesting to see!

Maybe a 2D Bowser of what he does while he waits for Mario to come to his castle lol

Why do I want to see that now? XD

I always wanted to know how Bowser is able to get to the castle before Mario does lol  He must have some secret tunnel that goes to the end of each castle and knows which castle Mario goes to lol (At least in the first game)

Made more sense in SMB3 where he had his kids in each castle lol

And the fact that he has kids, where's Mrs Bowser??  Why is Bowser Jr the only one that looks like Bowser?  I think Mrs Bowser cheated on him cause the other kids dont look like him lol

Those were the things I thought of growing up with Nintendo/Mario lol