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Hynad said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
My money is on that this is going to get canceled sometime next year altogether

Why would it get cancelled?

Dragon Quest Builder came out on the Switch despite the PS4 version coming out 2 years before it.

I also don't believe it will be canceled.  But I think a lot of people  are going to be having flashbacks to the Project Cars type situations on Wii U.  A lot of games talked up for the Wii U were canceled.  Hell, the Wii U version of Project Cars was all the developers of that game would talk about for the longest time until they suddenly and unceremoniously canned it along with a tweet that basically gave the entire Wii U customer base a middle finger.  

Don't think that will happen here, Square knows money is to be made on the Switch version.  The bigger question is will they promote the release in any way shape or form or just drop it on the system silently and hope the customer base has the necessary clairvoyance to know it launched.