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I'll admit I was a little disappointed to see it... I just don't get why we feel the need to express an opinion on every damn thing under the sun today lol (and yes, I realize I'm literally doing that right now).

I think likes/dislikes have been the bane of social media and an overwhelming negative as a whole. Frankly, I'm just fairly sick of seeing them, as I miss the days when "likes" and "dislikes" came in the form of written replies lol... it just feels like it promotes lazy opinions and encourages people not so much to speak their mind but rather to say whatever they think would be most popular with their peers.

Still, it's not a big deal, though if dislikes or emoji reactions are added I'll be very disappointed heh; at the very least, pleeease don't associate any badges with them or we'll see the same popularity contest showing up that dominates twitter and Facebook.

Last edited by Johnw1104 - on 16 April 2018