Hynad said:

But you're the one who relied on ad hominem in the first place.

And then you misrepresented what I was saying and my intentions. 

VGP called you out on what you brought forth, and I cemented it by pointing out your claim about the dynamic resolution in place for Doom.

I brought the example of Uncharted 4 to illustrate a point I've been making from the get go. Which is that optimization, contrary to your belief, won't magically bring more horsepower out of the consoles. 

As for DQ XI being more advanced or not, my stance has been that the game is demanding for reasons different from Doom. And it is. More or not is irrelevent. Doom may run on an engine that's tailored made to achieve that game's needs. And it does look amazing for a game targeting and mostly achieving 60fps. Even though, despite what you tried to push, it did so by making obvious compromises. But that really isn't the point why any of this was brought up. The topic is about why the Switch release will come much later than the PS4 version. The struggle they have is due to the current versions of the UE they have that struggle to accommodate their particular needs for the game. Which makes it obvious the game is too demanding for the Switch when using the version of UE they currently have. At least in the form they want to make it for that console. 

You can keep misrepresenting my stance and intentions all you want. I've been saying the same things since my first comment about this.

No you brought ND into this because its another of your red herrings, ND have nothing to do with the entire debate in any context look at your post for a start your trying to say Doom backs your stance when it never did I flat out told you Doom has more tech running and highlighted a dynamic resolution on top of that you're now trying to say this was your point which is beyond comical, you were debunked you didn't present a single thing to back your DQXI being more demanding and now turn around to deny that's what you meant because your argument has hit rock bottom. Only reason for someone to even post what you did is if they don't understand what fps does in a game or if they just desperate to save a sinking argument which one are you here?

The whole VG thing was both you and him assuming I implied no optimisation is required and I explained to him what I meant at which point you were left by yourself again drop the perceived victim bs on being flamed because if I wanted to flame you I'd come out and directly do it, it's a common go to defence for people whose arguments have been dismantled me telling you you're out of your depth here is an observation as the's far more to FPS then what you tried to push.

Fact is your stance got debunked you argued SE only got the engine at a certain point it was pointed out Atlus did as well and have managed to show something, then you argued about them not wanting to show an inferior version it was pointed Doom and such had the same issue as more demanding games and still showed something, then you went into your DQXI is 30fps while Doom is 60fps phase it was pointed out to you that fps doesn't dictate what is more demanding and that SE went for 30fps because they saw no real benefit in 60fps in the type of game DQXI at which point you began your smiley parade like they back your argument and started making demands yet in the end you've presented sod all. You realising this began to try and twist things but your posts here make no sense in any context of the argument because Doom was used as an argument against you to begin with now you're bring ND into it as another RH when they have no relevance here as its a comparison between Doom and DQXI, that red herring is not going to fly here.


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