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Kyuu said:
Azuren said:

So your comment depends on the idea of it automatically being a low-tier remaster in spite of Capcom kicking tons of ass lately?


And of course, but the wording implies it wouldn't sell well because you don't think it would instead of gauging community reaction to it.

Well.. yes. Hence the wording "cheap remaster"

I appreciate what Capcom did to Monster Hunter, and how they listened to their fanbase to remake Resident Evil 2 and bring back Mega Man. But they haven't done enough yet to regain my trust. Let's not forget that they ported DMC collection just last month, which is a prime example of a "low-tier remaster" I don't see why it would be any different with Onimusha but I sure hope I'm wrong. A remake-ster in the vein of SotC/Crash/Spyro is an instant pre-order from me, even if it's a single game (preferably Onimusha 3)

I'll give you that they fudged the DMC HD Collection. They just ported the PS3 version over with zero tweaking. I would much prefer they give it love and attention like SotC.


That said, I wouldn't be opposed in any way if they just released all four games as PS2-to-PS4 titles. Either zero effort and stay true to the source material, or all-in and remake each game (God knows the first game needs it *murders all tank control games*). I'll take either nostalgia or effort, but not a half-assed port that both feels unfamiliar and unplayable.

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