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"Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a built-in achievements system, a la Xbox Achievements or PlayStation Trophies, but the Switch version of Minecraft will soon bring Microsoft’s brand of achievements to the platform."

"A set of Xbox Live achievements for Minecraft for Nintendo Switch was recently spotted by content creator Patrick Maka, who posted about the finding on Twitter, and by achievement tracking website True Achievements. The achievement list appears similar to the Xbox versions of the game as well as those on non-Microsoft platforms, like Android and iOS. (PlayStation versions of the game do not tie into Xbox Live Achievements.)"

"A representative for Minecraft confirmed to Polygon that the game’s Switch version will indeed track Xbox Live Achievements later this year."

“We can confirm that Minecraft players on Nintendo Switch will soon be able to earn achievements tied to Xbox Live once the Bedrock update is released,” a Minecraft spokesperson said in an email.

"Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition was released in 2017. The game’s Bedrock update started rolling out in September 2017 and allowed players on Xbox, mobile, VR and PC to play across those various platforms."


What do you guys think?
Theres rumors of Microsoft putting gamepass on everything (ps4/switch/android ect)... and now theres rumors of Xbox Live achievements for multiple games & platforms comeing.

Any Switch owners here looking forwards to xbox Live soon on the Switch? and game achievements?