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Bristow9091 said:
It's always nice when competing companies can still congratulate each other for their success or just get along in general, although it's a shame many "fans" can't be the same way, lol

Aside from the games, do you know why books like Console Wars do so well and why that era is so talked about all the time and interesting? It's because it was all-out warfare! Those commercials where Crash is taunting "Plumber Boy" and telling him his days are over? Those things were fucking hilarious and entertaining. It got people talking. It was great entertainment. 

What we're seeing now is just... dull. There's nothing there. Just a bunch of fake smiles, shaking hands, trying to appear nicer than the next guy. It's enough to put a librarian to sleep. 

Give me the Nintendon't stuff any day of the week over "Wow, the new Zelda is just great guys. It's games like this that make me smile and are good for our industry. Golly fucking gee!" lol