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Normchacho said:
pitzy272 said:
It’s worrying me that I’ve heard 2 different reviewers mention they’ve played GoW and will be talking about it Thursday, but they didn’t comment on whether it was good or not. Either reviewers are allowed to say nothing—whether bad OR good—or GoW is a bit of a disappointment.

Literally every reviewer I've seen mention that they're playing or have played God of War has said that they're allowed to say that they've been playing the game but that's it.

Yep, that was obviously the case. Reviews are officially phenomenal, and it’s the best reviewed non-remake/remaster for the entire ps4/XBO gen.

Zones said:
Correct, reviewers are not allowed to say if the game is good or not until after the embargo date.

Regarding the hype level, I think it'd mostly depend on the reviews from this point forward.

If this game reviews very highly (~95 overall), then I am sure the week leading to its launch will generate hype far exceeding Uncharted 4's pre-launch hype level.

I agree with this. And with it reviewing so well, I stand by my 13-15mill sales prediction.