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quickrick said:
zorg1000 said:

I think you and others are giving Spider Man too much credit, its gonna be a big hit no doubt but a big system seller unlike anything we've seen before? Unlikely.


I dont recall GTAV causing PS3/360 to have a massive holiday or giving PS4/XBO a higher than normal holiday so not sure why a "from the makers of GTAV" tagline would sell systems.


Again, these games are going to be huge hits but every year has huge hits. Open-world action, online shooters and sports sims are the big titles every year, its no different this year.

ps3/360 successors were out that holiday, so obviously we weren't gonna see a massive boost. as for spider man i never said it was gonna be like nothing we have seen before, but it's not your typical big title that comes out every year.

So what about PS4/XBO holiday 2014? I guess what im getting at is GTAV had sold over 20 million on PS4 alone so i dont think "from the makers of GTAV" will sell consoles, it will sell software since the GTA fanbase is already on PS4.


Ya, Spider Man has its unique aspects but it also shares alot of similarities with other open-world action/adventure games like Infamous, Batman Arkham, Assassins Creed, Just Cause, etc.


I just dont see how either of these games are different enough to pull in a large crowd of people who dont already own or arent already interested in PS4. They will sell an assload but i dont see that equating to large YOY holiday gains.

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