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SNK Heroines isnt getting a physical release...... BECAUSE NINTENDO PAID THEM NOT TO DO SO!?

"Nintendo wants to work on this title on an exclusive basis!’ So these third parties come together and the team at NIS and SNK decided to go with Nintendo for the western market. Physical copy-wise, it’s going to be a Switch exclusive. PlayStation 4-wise, it’s going to be just digital. "

It sounds like it right? They had a deal with Sony to make it, but instead of honoring it, they twisted it around to "just digital" because Nintendo wanted a exclusive deal (which they couldnt give them) but instead say "it ll be physical release exclusive to switch".


Also while Britain has questionable taste levels in games, its good to hear the French have great ones (jrpgs) apparently :)

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Last edited by Aura7541 - on 11 April 2018