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Sure I expect an updated model, they're going to ditch the Tegra X1 relatively soon. Though I'm unsure to the extents that the new model will benefit over the original.

I don't think "more demanding games will be "Switch 2" only" will happen, or anything else in the second paragraph and beyond.

Though even if games could be exclusive to this new model, a Switch Pro released in 2020 won't be keeping up with the PS5 to get multiplat releases, the power difference between the "Switch Pro" and PS5 would almost certainly be larger than Switch and PS4, as the latter had the benefit of releasing 3.5 years later. Though there'll be a ton of cross-gen games between ps4-ps5 till 2022 probably anyway, which it could get.

But while I do expect a Switch without a Tegra X1, I don't expect it to differ massively in power from the original, the main reason for the update would simply be manufacturing reasons, making more sense to just use a new chip rather than continue to produce the Tegra X1 for years, considering it's chip used in a multitude of devices rather than exclusively for the Switch.

Last edited by Barkley - on 11 April 2018