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Dark_Lord_2008 said:
More than likely it was staged for publicity to gain media attention for McGregor's next fight! The UFC needs McGregor more than he needs the UFC!

To put it bluntly this is about the stupidest thing I've heard on the matter. Sadly I seen multiple people spew this nonsense. The UFC spent more than a decade millions of dollars to finally get MMA legalized in New York. Your premise is that they picked their biggest star. A star that as an Irish citizen requires a visa to work in the US. Had him fly to the US. Attack a bus full of UFC fighters in front of a multitude of cameras. Commit several crimes, one of which is a felony, in front of the most reliable witness possible video, injure two fighters causing them to pulled from the card, pulled a third fighter from the card (Artem Lobov) for his participation, pay all the fighters (except Lobov) that had their fights cancelled for this nonsense, and for what? Not only has the Conor cost himself millions, he's cost the UFC millions, and potentially made himself unavailable to fight for sometime.

This isn't some WWE backstage stunt. Where the "police" haul the wrestler off to "jail". Yet no actually arrests are made. He committed actual crimes. People really got injured. The police took him into custody. Conor went before a judge and he was actually arraigned. He's been charged with 1 felony and 3 misdemeanors. 

Dude is out of control. Like Jon Jones before him, he thinks he's above the law. Which he pretty much has been up until now. This isn't the first time he's gone off the rails. In fact, each incident gets progressively worse. And they will continue to, until finally gets a reality check of real consequences. First he chucked full cans of Monster Energy drinks at Nate Diaz over a crowd full of people striking one of them. What happened, he got a fined.  Then he hopped over the cage at a Bellator event in Ireland, accosted the referee, and assaulted multiple Bellator officials. What happened to him...nothing. He should have been locked up for that. Now he's trespassing  with a gang of cronies, punching a security guard, and chucking objects at an occupied bus full of people. Hopefully get a judge and DA that like to make examples out of wealthy arrogant pricks that think the law doesn't apply to them. Most likely he'll get a slap on the wrist, a fine, and pay out a bunch of cash in civil settlements. Which will just empower him to do something even worse next time.


Lobov isn't some innocent victim. He gave an interview saying multiple disparaging things about Khabib. Calling him a coward and a pussy. Khabib saw him in the hall way and confronted him saying "Say it to my face". Lobov "Said he didn't say that". Yet I saw the interview. He really did say that. Khabib calling him out on it. Isn't the same as what Conor did by a long shot. There was no fight between Lobov and Khabib. Most faces offs get more heated than that confrontation.

Last edited by Darc Requiem - on 06 April 2018