Megiddo said:
That you are arguing for what amounts to the dissolution of the largest and most effective alliance in the history of the globe really makes me wonder how personal this conflict is to you.

First of all, in my mind, NATO has never exactly been much of a force for good in the world. It's just a particular branch of American imperialism focused mainly on curbing Russian influence abroad by any, and I mean ANY, means. That in the first place. But more directly to the point at hand, "NATO ally" Turkey currently enjoys a warmer relationship precisely to Russia than they do with us. Hence why they just got through meeting with Russia's Putin and Iran's Rouhani to decide the future of Syria. You'll notice there were no other NATO members involved, nor even representatives of what formally is Syria's government. Just Turkey and NATO opponents.

What I'm trying to tell you here is that Turkey these days is a NATO ally on paper only. Functionally, they are aligned with Russia's geopolitics and interests these days, in fundamental contrast to the whole purpose of NATO. I'm hence unsure of just how it is that WE would be the ones tearing up NATO were we to in any way challenge Turkey's unilateral actions in Syria against the very forces that just recently drove ISIS out of their self-declared caliphate.