Megiddo said:
That you are arguing for what amounts to the dissolution of the largest and most effective alliance in the history of the globe really makes me wonder how personal this conflict is to you.

You should quote the people you reply to cause I don't know if you are replying to me or someone else.

But assuming it's me:

I'm not arguing for the dissolution of NATO, you are simply one sided in this matter. You seem to have a problem with the US going to war with Turkey over the NATO situation and technically you are right, but Turkey going to war against the US does not seem to bother your belief that NATO must be preserved. Let me remind you that the US is ALSO a NATO member, and in this example the US is not going to war against Turkey, the US would be protecting people without going to war. There's a difference between defending and attacking.

And from that point it's up to Turkey to remember that the US is a NATO member and therefore it should not attack the US.