VGPolyglot said:

Well, essentially they were the only viable choices in the election, but not choosing either was the choice that I made. Hillary Clinton is a warmonger like Trump (despite his lies to the contrary), and I just couldn't justify voting for either of them.

Being as your profile describes you as Canadian, I'm not surprised that you decided to refrain from voting the in 2016 United States election. My guess is that you'll be sitting out the American midterm elections later this year 'in protest' as well? ;)

Sorry for poking fun. I guess sometimes I just don't understand the kind of simplistic, utopian lack of pragmatism described above, which is of a kind that I notice occasionally on the far left. In any event, the matter of Syria was hardly the only reason I voted the way I did anyway. But I'd rather this thread not devolve further into a rehashing of the 2016 election. One will hence notice that I placed my only comment thereon in parentheses back in the OP.