So, our friends from Semaccurate wanted to get back into the spotlight. And are using unsupported claims they were the first to leak XOne and Switch specs.

The PS5 might exists and might be launch this Hollyday season. However, there is zero chance of it´s supporting a Navi GPU and may be close to zero to use Zen CPU cores.

First, there has never been a console with a Radeon GPU architecture that was the top tear of the year. And we even have to suppose those Navi cards are coming this year. 

Second, there is no new mass market node production below 14nm that PS4-Pro and XoX use. The Scorpio chip is the biggest one could get at a $500 machine. And Zen cores are far bigger than Jaguar, supposing Navi CU are also bigger than Polaris and we simply don´t have enough "size budget" to create the SoC.

Third, even if the PS5 GPU is bigger, how the hell will it leverage bandwidth speed? GDDR5X?  That would be a minuscule increase for an extra price. And the PS5 will need to have at least 12GB to reach full 4K most of the time. That is more $$$ over more $$$.


There is no reason Sony would bet on new architecture at this point of the generation. If they feel the need to leapfrog the XoX, Sony can easily do that with more polished and overclocked Polaris+Jaguar pairs and 12GB of GDDR5. And may be they could get it at no more than $450.