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contestgamer said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:

But again, a game's difficulty isn't a flaw outside of the aforementioned scenario, it's part of the genre.

No it's not... Kirby is a platformer, so was Ghouls n Ghosts. The genre doesnt dictate difficulty. It's also extremely easy to fix - Add difficulty levels. Because there is a simple solution to this, it is absolutely OK to criticize Nintendo for not integrating it.

Then every Kirby game of the past should’ve been docked due to this notion of the game being easy. It’s been the nature of the mainline games for over 20 years. Why the disparity between something like Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Star Allies? And Epic Yarn got almost a 90% despite not being able to die in the game. You can’t go off on scores alone. It’s a factor in its success but it should not be the end all, be all, personally. Im sure there are many hidden gems in all consoles that gotten scores below 75, which is not a bad score that some claim it to be.