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xl-klaudkil said:
Ps4 is losing much ground against last year but consider gow release+ its stil 299 its sales are impressive

I was expecting this. As you pointed oit its still $300. So outaide any boosts it will get from new software releases its generally going to track lower than last year.

However that also goes in line with what I'm expecting at the tail end of this year.

Having all their first party games at the first half of the year while the PS4 is still $299 allows sony maximize profits on both hardware and software. No doubt there qill be a price srop soon, probably around august/september/october to $199. Coupled with price drops on all the software releasing now and maybe even bundles. Do sales of the PS4 in the last quater of this year will be significantly better than they were last year.

Thus ending up with another 19-20M year. Come next year though, there will be no more cards for sony to play outside software releases and bundles.