JRPGfan said:
fatslob-:O said:

That was just April Fools, I don't think they intended to be serious about it if we take a look at the last few posts ... 

I didnt even consider it....  April Fools sucks lmao.


Cerebralbore101 said:

The same team is working on an emulator for Switch. And by the looks of it they will have it working fully, long before the Switch even enters it's fourth year. The second that thing is out and running well, we can kiss Nintendo games goodbye. Everyone will just pirate them. :(

Switch emulator isnt var far into developement, Id be surprised if it runs more than a homebrew they cooked up, to test things so far.

Look at the 3DS, its from 2011.... its on its 8th year... and its really first around now that it's possible for most to use it to run games.
Switch will be the same,  with reguards to its emulator (it will have barely any impact at all).
By the time a emulator of a switch is running well, the Switch will be a dead platform, replaces by a Switch 2.

3DS was possible to emulate since at least early last year. 

But yeah, 3DS is already dying out, and technically last gen so the 3DS emulator is all good! We're only really getting remasters of DS games at this point in the system's life cycle. And most of those games are by Atlus, who usually releases new games long, looooong after a system is no longer current gen. 

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