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Everyone seems to be obsessed with that India thing. Image and perception above everything. If I was from Canada, I would try to look at what he has done for the people and what he hasn´t done. Not just if he looks stupid or not. How much power does he have? How much can he even change and isn´t things quite well in Canada?
USA has Trump and Russia has Putin. Canada should be happy and not complain about what Justin Trudeau wears in India...its kind of petty as is all that SJW talk. And as an insult its kind of funny, because social injustice warrior (SIJW or SIW) sounds so heroic...
Lets all team up for social injustice! Who wants equal rights? No one, but those creepy SJW dudes and gals? :P

Last edited by PSintend0 - on 03 April 2018