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Wyrdness said:
zorg1000 said:

Im well aware its a long ass game but still 15-20 hours before the "real game" starts is excessive.

Xenoblade X, Breath of the Wild & Skyrim are a couple of games in the last few years that i have or am on track to putting 70+ hours in and it didnt take anywhere near 15 hours for me to be engrossed in them.


I just double checked to see where i left off since i havent played for a few weeks, i was actually midway through chapter 3 so ill take your word for it and try playing again once im done with Skyrim.


VGPolyglot said:

That's not good game design if it requires 15 hours to get people engrossed.

Never said it was but then they had little choice with the amount the is in the game to teach the player, in XBX people complained the was too much to try and figure out with out the game telling you anything so here they took the opposite approach. What I can say for XBC2 is that it starts slow then ramps up very well in the long run where as Skyrim I found starts off quick but in the long run loses quite a bit of steam.

Well hopefuly their next game is a healthy medium between X & 2 when it comes the early stages.

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