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Wyrdness said:
zorg1000 said:

Thats all good and dandy but its pretty unrealistic to expect someone to play over 15 of a game before they start enjoying it. 

The game goes on for over 100 hours after C3, that 15 you spend learning is not even a blink compared to whats coming, the depth in the game is so high it has to spend the first 3 chapters making you aware of what you can do it's geared for players who are in it for a long game. If you're not pass chapter 3 you've not started the game at all.

Im well aware its a long ass game but still 15-20 hours before the "real game" starts is excessive.

Xenoblade X, Breath of the Wild & Skyrim are a couple of games in the last few years that i have or am on track to putting 70+ hours in and it didnt take anywhere near 15 hours for me to be engrossed in them.


I just double checked to see where i left off since i havent played for a few weeks, i was actually midway through chapter 3 so ill take your word for it and try playing again once im done with Skyrim.

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