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Alara317 said:
EspadaGrim said:
I know some Canadians that have told me that they only voted for him so he can Legalize Marijuana.

Personally don't care for him dude is a giant SJW, media here fawns over him cause of his looks and progressive views. Funny to see that as of now his approval rating is lower than Trump's.

I instantly disregard the opinions and thoughts of anyone who uses 'SJW' as an insult. 

If the very idea that someone cares enough about modern issues is enough for you to spew hatred towards them, maybe you're a terrible person. 



I think your comment is the perfect reason why Trudeau support has collapsed amount Canadians especially men.

Calling people terrible people never gets people on your side and I have noticed the Trudeau govt has gone from "people you vote for the other parties are still your neighbours' to pretty much-calling everyone a sexist or racist these days to pursue a very ideological driven social agenda.

The govt has to sell the agenda to Canadians rather than lecturing Canadians that they are all racist and etc. 

It just helps Trump types to get elected and I think that is what Trudeau is doing long term in Canada.

I am looking at this from a long term view. 

Last edited by LadyJasmine - on 02 April 2018