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Alara317 said:
Trudeau is a figurehead that has spent a tonne of time trying his best to form positive international relationships, make a positive and progressive change, and isn't afraid to shed the image of most politicians.

He's courteous, he's intelligent, and he has his finger on the pulse of his people while also putting a lot of effort into issues that matter and will continue to be important in the future.

However, his boisterous persona makes him sort of look like a goof to those who prefer their politicians look professional. This has been a steady cause of problems.

Personally, I think he's exactly what Canada needs. He's good at his job while portraying a light-hearted persona. He cares about all Canadians and the people of the world as well. He's progressive, he's kind, and he's politically correct while also being approachable and casual to the onlooker. PEople see kindness and playfulness as weakness, but in reality he's as good as any other politician without the cold heart we've come to expect.

Trudeau and Obama were both very similar in many regards. They were both great leaders with heart and soul.

And some people don't like that.


Obama is far more intelligent and wise then Trudeau really though ^

I think his Trip to India really shows that he is not really a great leader but just a shameless self-promoter. 

The issue is Trudeau pretends he is the voice of all sensible Canadian but 61% of people did not vote for him... the same as Harper.