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Update 3: The game is at 11.78m as of September 30th according to Nintendo, having shipped 1m in the last quarter (Jul/Aug/Sep).

Yes, I know it will sound crazy for most of you, but 10m also sounded like too much before the game released. Hear me out: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will reach 20m LT combined.

You may ask what's the point of this thread if it's going to hypotetically take at least 5 years for it to reach those numbers, the answer is simple: we will know if it will be able to reach that amount by this year's end. At first, I thought after the holiday season the game would slow down a lot, but it seems like that's not the case. It's still charting very well on Amazon (well, before it went out of stock), it did over 400k this year already in roughly a month according to VGC and the attach rate seems to remain high till this day. 

Another shocking thing: Zelda is outlegging Mario in Japan.

Nintendo will announce their figures later this month, so we'll know for sure how it did this quarter. After analyzing the weekly sales in the Zelda comparison thread I run ( I came to the following conclusion/prediction:

2017: 6.7m

2018: 3.9m

2019: 2.8m

2020: 1.8m

2021: 1.5m

2022 onwards: 1.2m+

Wii U version: 2m LT (it's at 1.5m as of December 31st)

To note: Zelda BotW already outsold Twilight Princess.

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Bet with Teeqoz for 2 weeks of avatar and sig control that Super Mario Odyssey would ship more than 7m on its first 2 months. The game shipped 9.07m, so I won