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LipeJJ said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

So BotW sold almost as much on Switch in one year as TP did LT sales on Wii? Wow, that's much better than I originally expected... well, much worse for TP to be exact, thought it would have reached closer to 10M

I think Twilight Princess on Wii is officially at 7.4m shipped. The GC version probably shipped at least 1.5m too, so it should be around 9m combined. You're not that far off of your 10m expectation.

As for Breath of the Wild, it shipped 6.7m by december. I wouldn't be surprised if it surpassed TP's shipments on Wii (7.4m) by the end of this quarter/month. Anyways, we'll know soon enough when Nintendo shows us some figures later in April. My personal expectation is 7.5m shipped on Switch.

Could you tell me which week in the first post includes Dec. 31, 2017?