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CaptainExplosion said:
Jumpin said:

The situation is different than that.

1. Hitler was conquering new lands for the purpose of building an Empire. This included lands that were never traditionally a part of Germany.
2. Crimea rebelled to return to Russia in response to the anti-Russian coup which seized control of Ukraine. Crimea was a part of Russia that was under Ukrainian control after the fall of the USSR as a measure of good faith between the nations.

Pre-Euromaidan polling had always suggested a 65-70% wish to rejoin Russia, with 10-15% to remain in Ukraine, and the rest undecided. Imagine how a coup by an anti-Russian government with suspected fascist leanings* is going to effect that opinion.

*I'm not suggesting they were fascist, but its a fact that a lot of people thought this at that time.

Well now Putin has that new missile that he says can penetrate ANY defense system, including Canada's.

That bald fucker is trying to kill us all, so like I keep stressing, kill him before that happens.

In fact, I heard he is very angry with Canada right now, and he is going to nuke you first!

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