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MasterThief said:
fielding88 said:
I think they should pull a Call of Duty and go to the future.

Batman Beyond is one of my favourite shows of all time. It's the black sheep of the Batman universe and would love to see it get some love.

You could properly fly, have a nice diverse cast, the voice actors would probably be able to reprise their roles, and you have a flying batmobile. Perfect for video games.

I never watched beyond but I will take your word for it that its good since I haven't seen any animation batman gone bad.

cyberpunk batman? 

Pretty much, but they weave in the old Batman cast pretty nicely since the same guys who made TAS made it. Bruce works out of the batcave like Alfred used to, Barbara Gordon is now the Commissioner, etc. 

But what would make it stand out is its rogues gallery. They could go dark with it but with WB being as money-grubbing as they seem, they could go colourful and PG with it too since it was a kid's cartoon show. 

Of course this would never happen, though. They're more likely to shoehorn the word "Arkham" into a new series with plenty of DLC/MT or something.