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VGPolyglot said:
MasterThief said:
damn if only all good games sold at least 1m. and all bad games sold 0 copies.

Well, what is good and bad is subjective, I've enjoyed games considered to be bad and they have their place in history.

That is why I think it’s better to rate games in their niche. I think a lot of sites do this (IGN Gamespot) but a lot don’t, and so you’ll get the occasional great game with a 6/10, because the reviewer doesn’t like the genre, or doesn’t fall into the market niche; some games are GREAT for party/social gaming (Just Dance comes to mind) but not very good for people who aren’t as sociable and mainly like to game solo/online. Then there are gamers who prefer to plan (strategy/RPG), and others who like to just move around and execute combos (Action/fighters); those who like big weaving stories (PSX era RPGs and perhaps grand strategy and games like Dwarf fortress), and others who are utterly confused by them (veer toward Pokemon and simpler 4X strategies like Civ).

Of course, people can be fans of multiple niches, probably at varying levels.

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