thismeintiel said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

lol, a vast majority of the hate NMS got wasn’t even about the content that was there, it was about the content that we were told would be there but wasn’t. Feel free to hate on SoT for a lack of content all you want, it’s a valid complaint and the reason I didn’t spend $65 on it. But they didn’t deliberately mislead and lie to buyers about what would be in the game. There’s a big difference between buyers remorse because you don’t feel the product is good, and feeling as if you’ve been swindled by a developer into buying something that doesn’t exist. That’s why a lot of people are more lenient on Rare, it’s not hard to understand.L

Let's see.  They promised there would be "tons" of customization at launch, including ships.  That they were redefining a genre with their most ambitious game ever.  The ambition seems to be referring to the water, as it does look good, even if it doen't really react to anything.  That there would be endless fantastic adventures filled with fantastical creatures that challenge you.  I don't think a bunch of mindless skeletons and sharks, within repetitive quests, fit that bill. 

If that's not overpromising, I don't know what is.  There's a reason the No Man's Sea is a thing.

NMS was a lied game thanks to Hello Games and Sony letting it happen.

No one expected the game to be the way it is, there biggist mistake is they lied about MP which you could not see other players. 

Guess what, SOTs is exactly what you expected at launch, it just lacks content. Its a pirate playground and content can be fixed.

You cannot change NMS to what many were saying was the Star Citizen for consoles turned out to be nothing more than a farming sim.