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contestgamer said:
Shiken said:

81 is a low score...

BS opinions like this is why metacritic is worthless. One site will say a game has to be an 8 out 10 to just be "okay" while another will try to say 5/10 is average (probably to justify clickbait). Then all of these scores are pooled together for a distorted report on the actual quality of the game. Not to mention how gamers think anything under a 9 is utter crap these days (or make the claim at least).

If you ask me, scores are obsolete. Just give me a detailed review listing the pros and cons and if you recommend the game or not. That is all we need.




81 is a good score and the game will sell very well with no negative impact from said good score.

Look if you want you can read the full text reviews, nobody is stopping you. However don't take the scores away from us that care. I look at the MC, if its under 85 I close the game, if it's over I might read a couple of review snippets in the list and make a decision. No way am I going to read a full meandering review though. I don't need to read 2000 words when I can look at the score in a second. You can make everything long and convoluted - including explaining math equations via thousands of words when a simple formula is enough.

When the score system is broken, accurate review scores have already been taken away from you.  If you want to follow them blindly, be my guest.  You are the only one that stands to lose anything in the end.


A list of pros and cons at the end of the review would be far more effective and suit the needs of people who do not want to read a full review.

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