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Crate training, walk your dog, and either fix your beagle or get her a menstruation diaper. I've always been highly opposed to all the extra work having a dog in an apartment entails, and the poop pads, in all honesty, are one of the most disgusting things on the planet. Poop pads are useful only for lining your dog's kennel during early training days, or making your apartment look like a dive.

As far as the maintenance man is concerned, I'm sure you're aware that, as a volunteer, he wants to be there. If nothing else, he's probably doing it for a massive discount on his own apartment. So no, that's not illegal. As far as checking a room with a closed door is concerned, maintenance workers have access to any part of your apartment if they have reason to check. They aren't allowed to go through drawers and such, but they are allowed to go into any room to check for damage and to check air filters.

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