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Alright, so obviously, law is not my profession. I’m almost exclusively medical. So I was wondering if any of you guys have any legal expertise to answer this question:

Can my apartment use a retired volunteer as their maintence man?

Context: I’ve been at my apartment for nearly 2 months. And there was some stuff that needed to be changed... so the maintence man thought. 3 weeks ago I was supposed to get a new dishwasher for my place. My apartment manager (or whatever you call them) said staff was going to be bringing me my dishwasher the next day. I clean up and the guy comes the next day.

But things were... off. The guy didn’t have the dishwasher and was instead changing my lights and checking my oven... I was confused until I glanced at his paper. The maintence was for the apartment next door. Not mine. And no, it wasn’t a simple mistake since our numbers are completely different and are big and bold right next to the door. I didn’t say anything but the guy mentioned he was retired and working with the apartment by request as volunteer work. He used to work there but now he’s doing this for free. That sounded, wrong, but I didn’t want to get on the apartment managers bad side so I let it slide. He didn’t seem all there, mentally, either. Slurring his words, some sentences sounding like complete nonsense. 

Today, he finally brings the dishwasher. I was busy this morning so I couldn’t clean up too well and locked my dogs up. I also didn’t have time to change my dogs pupper pads. So there is dog poop on and slightly around it (my beagle has been on her period and missing the pad when she’s pooped lately). I get a call at work from my manager who is pissed. She said he told her that there was poop ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. I get confused. Because that was completely false. But I also recall I have a spare room the dogs go in sometimes that may also have poop in it that I didn’t notice. But that room is closed off. So unless he went into a room with a closed door -which he had no business in, there’s no reason at all to this ridiculous claim. 

So is him working for them legal? And if so, if hypothetically he went into a room and found a piece of poop I missed, did he have any right to go into a closed room?