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contestgamer said:
quickrick said:

You really should a bit more research before posting. amazing reviews are only really needed for niche games that only appeal to the hardcore market. games like far cry have a huge market, just look at wild lands it has a 70 metracritic and has amazing sales. 81 is pretty damn good, and it probably won't drop below 80. ign review is looking good, and is the most important since metracritic is weighted. 

Wild lands with MC of 90 would have sold way more. MC scores will always infuence sales as they should.

it would PROBABLY sell more, but i doubt it would sell way more, we have FPS like titanfall 2, and wolfenstien 2, That are very highly rated FPS they did mediocre sales numbers, or how about COD:advanced warfare  vs COD:WWII, warfare has a metracritic of 83, while WWII has a 79, yet WII destroyed it in sales. 

Last edited by quickrick - on 27 March 2018