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Bristow9091 said:

Let me quote a line from your thread;

"What can this mean? Is Nintendo doomed and is Switch such a failure, that Nintendo needs to go on selling cardboard..."

That is something you typed yourself, but it's supposed to be "quite clear" that you don't think Nintendo is doomed or the Switch is a failure? I have absolutely no intention of reopening the thread, and that isn't why I suggested you PM me.

If you were actually TRYING to "walk the thin line" between trolling and being serious, I suggest you cut it out, borderline threads are frowned upon as it is, and as a "new" member you shouldn't be looking to make such a poor first impression. 

Asking if something that is constantly breaking sales records is a failure and asking if Nintendo is doomed surely cannot be taken that seriously? I was trying to be funny, but it failed and I am sorry for all those that were injured during the process. I have a bad sense of humor, what more can I say.

I didn´t realize what you meant by PM you, so I am sorry about that too.

I got my answers that I wanted and this thread is ready to be closed (I will try to destroy it by myself, but I don´t know if I am able to or know how to)

Thanks for all the tips and advise. I will surely need them. And use them. As far as the word "doomed" goes, I am planning on boycotting it, its too dangerous for me.