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Bristow9091 said:
In your previous thread you also said that Nintendo is doomed, and the Switch is a failure, despite it clearly being the complete opposite, it was a poor attempt at a troll thread, and I suggest you avoid making them in the future. I'll repeat myself again; if you would like to discuss this further, feel free to PM me.

I guess calling Nintendo a doomed giant and saying that in a way Nintendo is failing badly (because Switch could be and in my opinion should be selling more) makes your post correct.

But reading between the lines its quite clear (maybe only to me) that I don´t see Nintendo as doomed, but still stand by my words that Switch should and could be selling more, so in essense its failing, when thinking about sales potential. Of course its doing great compared to many other consoles.

And I don´t want that thread to be re-opened so I won´t PM you. However all of those mistakes that I made in that thread can be discussed here.

And just to make clear the thread was not just an attempt to troll. It was more of a joke thread with facts and genuine things to discuss, and a really bad and maybe too trollish headline. it tried to walk the thin line between trolling and being serious while still joking and being fun. It failed miserably.