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Currently, the new Tomb Raider have 50% on Rotten Tomatoes and it is officially the game adaptation with the biggest score on Rotten, wich is kinda sad. On the other hand, it is quite interesting how well received movies about videogames are. I am not talking about movies adapting a game, but movies ABOUT games or movies where videogames have a huge focus.

If you look around, Ready Player One is getting praised before release, Jumanji 2 went on to almost making a billion on the box office, Wreck-It Ralph even got nominated for an Oscar (Brave winning that year makes me want to cry blood btw), Tron became a cult classic that basically introduced movies to cgi effects, Wargames was declared one of the bests Cold War related movies,The Last Starfighter became a really profitable franchise on the 80's and some others that did got some cult following after release.


And then we have other segments were the videogame theme is even more acclaimed: Documentaries. The King of Kong have an impressive 97% approval on Rottel from 101 critics, Indie Game the Movie even straight up won on Sundance, and even if unfortunatelly they don't have score on Rotten, Ecstasy of Order, Chasing Ghosts and Atari: Game Over also got a lot of praise.

But of course, not everything is perfect and movies like Spy Kids 3D, Gamer, Pixels and The Wizard got bombed by the critics (The last 3 are kinda of a guilty pleasure for me :P ) and Tron Legacy got the universal "meh". But even Pixels, Tron Legacy and Spy Kids 3D getting the shit they still made a lot of money on the box office.


I am not trying to make an argument of any sort, I'm just posting this because I find really funny hot the producers have so much trouble when they try to adapt directly a game but still can be really successful when they try to make movies about the subject.

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