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JRPGfan said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Wow, so on average per year the PC version accounts for 41.3% of sales, and the PS4 version accounts for 41.6% of sales. So much for PC just being free to play microtransaction games.

I think the overall total % matters more.

This game has clearly sold like this PS4 > PC > XB1.
PS4 user base is the biggest for this game by a good margin.

Yeah that's true, and I didn't meant to say otherwise. The comment was just to show that the game has really good sales on PC. Although, including GOG, I think the margin would probably be a little smaller than it seems. But still a big margin. 

haxxiy said:

What would be the point to even mention such useless statistics, anyway? It's like those people who took the number of counties in the US elections to give Romney or McCain some sort of victory by numbers over Obama.

Anyway, you probably didn't even realize at first that you screwed up your math, admit it, you were just trying to save face on the second post.

Same with the jolly fellow, by the way, who somehow read it as a victory for digital sales, when the graphs themselves made it very obvious that the first year was much bigger than the others.

My math wasn't wrong. Flashfire's response was pretty much "Your average calculations were wrong because they aren't an accurate way of depicting X variable", when in actuality I wasn't even talking about the game's total sales, but rather how much of the game's sales are from one platform per year. Again, the math isn't wrong, Flashfire just kept using the word wrong because we were talking about totally different things. He basically just said I was wrong because he thought I was using year on year statistics as a sign of total sales, which I wasn't.

You are trying REALLY hard to make this seem like my comment  is some troll post that's wrong, when it isn't. I just explained to Flash that I wasn't even talking about total sales. I cleared it up so he stopped replying. It's that simple. You really don't have to keep pushing it. 

Also I would say that the amount of sales one platform takes up per year is pretty important. Not as important as total sales, but I never made that claim. 

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