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You know have you guys ever considered that you should wait for at least a couple more months before passing judgement? This is the same forum that's constantly praising Nintendo for announcing games only a few months before they release, yet they get mad at third parties as soon as they do the same thing. Remember when people said Ubisoft's support for Switch was trash because South Park wasn't coming? Then Ubisoft announced that. Remember Crash? Remember how people started to believe the rumors less because they kept coming out every two weeks and nothing was announced? Well now it's coming to Switch.

You guys are so impatient when it comes to third parties, when really the biggest reason they hold off information is probably because that's what makes sense. If you're a third party you want to be featured in a Nintendo direct, which is something that mainly focuses on games coming SOON. And you don't get to decide the date of the direct, Nintendo does! So why don't you just be patient before you boycott shit?