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Ka-pi96 said:
I've long held to the theory that digital sales have much better legs than physical. I've also called people out before for claiming sales of a game to be 30%+ digital first week and the like. Clearly that wasn't the case here (on console at least where physical is actually relevant). The 30%+ digital figures companies give out are for lifetime sales, it makes sense to me that the digital % would start out quite a bit lower than that and build up through a games lifetime and these sales seem to support that theory.

PC having better legs also makes sense to me, although I've always thought that would be more noticeable over the longer term. The majority of yearly sales being on PC within 3 years is a bit of a surprise. My reason for thinking PC would have better legs over the long term has been due to the permanence of the platform other consoles. I wonder if used game sales could potentially explain why PC has taken the yearly sales lead so early?

Things have certainly changed now. First 10 days for assassins creed Origins was 35% digital, up from 15% for syndicate. 

South Park: The fractured but whole did 50% digital in its first 25 days.

edit: look at this article:

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