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zorg1000 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

This is closer to what a Carnotaurus looks like:

Carnotaurus didn't have hands like that in the picture, and also their snouts were really small in comparison to most Theropods, almost like a pitbull. 

Those are pretty minor differences, its not nearly as bad as Michael Crichton making Velociraptors 6ft tall and 200lbs when they were actually about the size of a turkey.

No .... they really, really, really aren't. 

The Ark version looks like a big fat beefy creature with huge arms and a huge head. In reality it was small and slim, it had arms that were sideways and extremely small (way smaller than Rex's), and they were very slim. You would have to know almost nothing about Carnotaurus to think those are minor differences, it's like calling saying the difference between Cheetah and a Bear isn't big.  

But I will say you are right about Jurassic Park. Then again, I can at least understand where he was coming from, since his inspiration was actually from other species of raptor and not Velociraptors. Besides, I don't actually care either way, it was a joke. Plus they fixed it somewhat.