AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Wait a minute .... YOU'RE buying this game? I can't wait to see your eventual thread about how it's too liberal

I'm going to wait till it goes on sale. For me, the idea of having a Far Cry in civilized society is fresh, but not necessarily good. I've only played Far Cry 3, which I really liked, and Far Cry 4 almost pulled me in even with it's similar concept to 3, and Primal was a game I really would have liked to be a full blown Far Cry 5. But I passed on both, and I'm not going to get this one until sale.

I did read in the GameInformer article that they've taken some feedback on some things. They made the map more natural supposedly; now instead of climbing a tower to fill your map you just look at signs and boards for markers, like "beware of bears" signs.

I get along fine with liberals. It's the high horse progressives that get all preachy and authoritarian about everything that get on my nerves. They're as bad as baptists when they see someone having fun. 😹

I'm not religious or in a cult so I think the premise of the game is funny and could be entertaining. It depends on the game and how ham fisted or subtle they are with everything. For example, I really like DA: Inquisition. I liked Dorian and I sided with the mages in all of the games.