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Green098 said:
JRPGfan said:

Watched in 1080p60, and it looks like it stutters and runs sub 20 fps.

ARK devs seriously dont know how to optimise games.

Guessing this will be a Dynamic 720p25-30 when docked.

*edit:  Probably a Alpha build, running on that switch, and maybe performance is better in the final version. Still how it runs on PS4/XB1, I dont have high hopes they get this running flawlessly on the switch.

Another studio is doing the port so maybe that could make a bit of difference (and why it's even running on switch at all). I don't care much of game itself too much, but as like I was with DOOM it's interesting to see how devs can try and push Switch's capabilities (even if it doesn't end up turning out the best). I don't think it'll run flawlessly but it'll be interesting to see how close they can try.

Thank gawd! lmao.
This might just end up being the best running version of the 3 then. Hahahahah.