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zorg1000 said:

I just thought it would be fun to compare the 2nd year of these two outstanding consoles.


Month Sony Playstation 4 Nintendo Switch Accumulative  Difference
January* 190k, Dying Light 270k +80k Switch
February 340k, Evolve, The Order, Xenoverse 280k, Bayonetta 2 +20k Switch
March 330k, Battlefield, Bloodborne, MLB, FF Type-0    
April 175k, Mortal Kombat X    
May 155k, Witcher 3    
June 370k, Arkham Knight, Elder Scrolls Online    
July 220k, PGA 2016    
August 210k, Madden, Until Dawn    
September 355k, Metal Gear Solid, NBA, FIFA, Mad Max, Taken King    
October 275k, Assassin's Creed, WWE, Uncharted Collection    
November 1540k, Call of Duty, Fallout, Battlefront, Need For Speed    
December 1580k, Rainbow Six    
Total 5740k    

January*-4 week vs 5 week

Major releases are new games that charted in their debut month.

damn you really put work in, Good job.