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zorg1000 said:
pokoko said:

Actually, I'm kind of struggling to see why his point should be completely dismissed.  Is it not relevant in the short-term?  That's an honest question, by the way, as I do not keep up with the NPD or numbers at all.  If this "extra week" created a blip in the date flow then I see no harm in addressing it.

Not that you need to do anything, as he can note it well enough in his first post.  I just don't really get the "no we won't talk about that" vibe.

Because its irrelevent and this is the first time that anybody has ever made a big deal about a 5 week January.

They have existed before and people have compared years with a 5 week January to years with a 4 week January and its never been an issue.

All of a sudden its a huge issue because it puts their console at a "disadvantage"

You are free to bring that up in the other comparison threads. But you cannot reply to a question about why it is irrelevant by saying “because it is irrelevant”.