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pokoko said:
zorg1000 said:

Can you actually talk about the topic instead of derailing the thread like you always do?

The thread is about overall sales for the year so one week means next to nothing in the long run so just drop it.

Actually, I'm kind of struggling to see why his point should be completely dismissed.  Is it not relevant in the short-term?  That's an honest question, by the way, as I do not keep up with the NPD or numbers at all.  If this "extra week" created a blip in the date flow then I see no harm in addressing it.

Not that you need to do anything, as he can note it well enough in his first post.  I just don't really get the "no we won't talk about that" vibe.

Because its irrelevent and this is the first time that anybody has ever made a big deal about a 5 week January.

They have existed before and people have compared years with a 5 week January to years with a 4 week January and its never been an issue.

All of a sudden its a huge issue because it puts their console at a "disadvantage"

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