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Lawlight said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

No, that's not "interesting". Stop playing a revenue game. If you and Quickrick do not like the threads comparison, do not participate in it. 

Why are you so defensive over the fact that the Switch has a lot of advantages in this comparison?

I am not. One genuine advantage was listed and even that was just used to drive discussion off course. 


It doesn't matter anyways because this is a year to year comparison, and it looks just as likely that PS4 will beat Switch than vice versa. Considering you and Quickrick are known for downplaying the Switch sales so that they will look insignificant in comparison to the PS4, it is hilarious that both of you started this thread listing all the unfair reasons Switch could win. I guess if you are Nintendo there is no winning...


But that's what's more annoying. The need to drive discussion off course. If you want to talk about one extra week, fair enough. But to keep complaining is nonsense. We only have two months of data, anyways. So let's just see how this plays out. 

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

Someday you will die somehow 

And something's gonna steal your carbon