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I just thought it would be fun to compare the 2nd year of these two outstanding consoles.


Month Sony Playstation 4 Nintendo Switch Accumulative  Difference
January* 190k, Dying Light 270k +80k Switch
February 340k, Evolve, The Order, Xenoverse 280k, Bayonetta 2 +20k Switch
March 330k, Battlefield, Bloodborne, MLB, FF Type-0 310k, Kirby: Star Allies Even
April 175k, Mortal Kombat X 170k, Labo Variety, Tropical Freeze +5k PS4
May 155k, Witcher 3 165k, Hyrule Warriors DX +5k NSW
June 370k, Arkham Knight, Elder Scrolls Online 325k, Mario Tennis Aces, N. Sane Trilogy +40k PS4
July 220k, PGA 2016 265k, Octopath Traveler, Captain Toad +5k NSW
August 210k, Madden, Until Dawn 205k, Monster Hunter Generations Even
September 355k, Metal Gear Solid, NBA, FIFA, Mad Max, Taken King 260k, Super Mario Party +95k PS4
October 275k, Assassin's Creed, WWE, Uncharted Collection, $50 price cut 260k, Diablo III +110k PS4
November 1540k, Call of Duty, Fallout, Battlefront, Need For Speed, $50 discount Black Friday 1355k, Pokemon Let's Go +295k PS4
December 1580k, Rainbow Six, $50 discount for 2 weeks 1770k, Smash Bros +105k PS4
Total 5740k 5635k +105k PS4

January*-4 week vs 5 week

Major releases are new games that charted in their debut month.

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