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>Talks about the major geo-political standoff that has lasted for decades between China, Taiwan and Hong Kong


I'm not particularly sure how you reached this conclusion, but i'm just going to outright say that it isn't correct. Not only are Canada and China on relatively good terms, they have beneficial trade, are not positioned in the same ocean as China, and are both being hit with US Trade Tariffs.

Now, you could make the argument that this is also about the US, and I wouldn't deny that. Due to Mr Trumps
awkwardly aimed trade tariffs and other attempts to increasingly anger the Chinese as of late, you could see this as a demonstration that they wont back down so easily.

However, even in that scenario, I still refer to my first sentence. In that this is about the Taiwan situation, which is far more complex then "we will wage war on whoever we don't like". It's basically like the US split in 2 for 50 years, and both halves want to unify the country under their own terms; add in that both sides are completely different political spectrum's and you have a difficult situation.