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I get it, Goku is not a video game character but this argument is such a cliché that i find it hard to take seriously anymore because we've known this for ages. Smash was supposed to be a Nintendo All Star fighting game now it's become a Nintendo/third party All Star fighting game.

Here are some arguments in favor of Goku joining Smash.

- Goku one of the most requested characters since Brawl

- Goku's anime aesthetic fits perfectly in Smash

- Goku has appeared in over 90+ videogames

- Goku has appeared on pretty much every Nintendo console out there.

- Goku's games are mainly competetive fighting games so that would fit Smash

- Goku's popularity is globally at the same level as Mario and Pikachu and would only boost sales

- Goku would be the first non video game originating character in Smash

- He's Goku what else do you want?



I don't know bout (get it?) you guys but Goku for Smash 5 would be fuckin amazing and i don't give a shit that he's a manga character first, anime second, video game character fith. He's fuckin Goku.

I've seen some pretty ridiculous requests like Ridley,  James Bond or Cory in the House for Smash and i really don't judge, i would play with them and move on but i just don't see these characters fit in the game. Snake and Bayonetta seemed to be weird choices at first but they're actually great and i voted for Bayonetta and was happy to see her win.

So i realise most people will disagree with giving Goku a slot because he's not a videogame character first but i think he should be the exception. As long as he doesn't turn into any of that Super Saiyan God crap, no thanks, it's either just Super Saiyan... Or Super Saiyan 4.

Last edited by Snoorlax - on 25 March 2018